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Duratec Products

Hawkeye Industries is proud to be the master distributor of the Duratec line of putties, primers, sealers, and topcoats.  Duratec Polyester and Vinyl Ester products are famous for their ability to cure completely when applied to plug/pattern surfaces.  That thin-film, air-cure capability makes Duratec ideal for the composites industry.

Use Duratec for:

  • Creating a smooth pattern surface
  • Easy sanding and shaping of pattern surfaces
  • Sealing MDF or Urethane Tooling Board
  • Interior cabinetry
  • Creating a bright, glossy pattern surface
  • Transferring a high gloss to tooling gelcoat
  • Interior wood coatings for executive jets
  • Fairing and repairing boat hulls
  • Repairing the surface of composite molds
  • Clear coating carbon fiber parts
  • In-mold surfacing of lightweight composite parts, including epoxy laminate.
Duratec Products
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