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Duratec® Vinyl Ester Primer

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A high quality primer for composite marine surfaces--an integral part of the Duratec Marine System.


For one-off and production composite yacht priming and osmosis and blister repairs. Formulated for below-waterline, topside and deck applications.


Build in protection, add quality and save time with Duratec Vinyl Ester Primer.

Here's why you should choose Duratec Vinyl Ester Primer:

Application---easily applied with sprayer, roller or brush. Saves time and labor.

High build---to 40 mils, 1000 microns, wet on wet, without sagging on vertical surfaces.

Quick cure---rapid curing; far faster than epoxy resin systems. Primer will be ready to sand in 1-4 hours, depending on thickness and temperature.

Osmosis and blister resistance---proven performance on more than 2000 boats and yachts over a seven-year period.

Product Properties (at the time of manufacturing)
All time calculations are based on temperatures of 77°F, 25°C

As measured on a Brookfield Viscometer Model RVF, Spindle #5 at 20 rpm - 2500 - 2800 cps

Thixotropic Index - 6.0-6.7

Gel Time

Sample based on a 100 g mass catalyzed at 2 percent with mekP - 18-22 min

Weight per Gallon
White - 11.20 lb., 5.09 kg
Gray - 11.18 lb., 5.08 kg

Volatile Organic Compounds
White - 160 g/L
Gray - 143 g/L

Coverage per Gallon
10 mil wet film thickness - 100-115 ft2
250 micron wet film thickness - 10.2-10.7 m2

Product Nos.
(Link to MSDS)
1794-005 or 1794-006 White
1799-005 or 1799-006 Grey

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Link to Application Guides for Duratec Vinyl Ester Primer:
Repair, Fairing and Priming Application: Marine Composites

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