Duratec Polyester Surfacing Primer
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Duratec® Polyester Surfacing Primer

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The ultimate high-gloss surface primer for wood, MDF, foam and composite plugs, patterns and models.


For composite plugs and patterns and to prime a growing number of wood products---including furniture, musical instruments and architectural applications.


All in one coat! Duratec Polyester Surfacing Primer provides rapid coat buildup and a smooth surface with high gloss, when required.

Here's why you should choose Duratec Polyester Surfacing Primer:

Low porosity---provides a super fine leveling and filling system on a variety of substrates with superior release properties.

Adhesion to most epoxies---with heat distortion level of 201°F, 94°C, the primer also adheres to fiberglass, properly prepared metal, wood, MDF, brick, concrete and polyurethane foam.

Rapid coat buildup---to 40 mils, 1000 microns, wet on wet, on composite plugs and master mold surfaces; saves time and labor cost.

Easy sanding---also saves time and labor. The primer cures to a surface that polishes to a high gloss, when required.

Product Properties (at the time of manufacturing)
All time calculations are based on temperatures of 77°F, 25°C

As measured on a Brookfield Viscometer Model RVF, Spindle #5 at 2.5 rpm - 2700 cps

Thixotropic Index
- 5

Gel Time
Sample based on a 100 g mass, catalyzed at 2 percent with mekP - 16-18 min

Weight per Gallon - 10.90 lb., 4.95 kg

Coverage per Gallon
10 mil thickness - 110-115 ft2
250 micron thickness - 10.2-10.7 m2

Product Nos.
(Link to MSDS)
702-003 Black
707-002 Grey
707-082 Light Grey
714-002 White

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Duratec Polyester Surfacing Primer is among the many fine Duratec products marketed worldwide by Hawkeye Industries Inc.

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