Aqua Buff 1000-F

Aqua-Buff 1000-F is a fast-cut compound used for aggressive removal of sanding scratches or oxidation.  A great pairing for buffing on hard gelcoat  as it the grit allows the elimination of deeper scratching.  

Aqua Buff 1000-W

Aqua Buff 1000-W is a compound designed to remove heavy oxidation or light sanding scratches.  Less aggressive than Aqua Buff 1000-F, Aqua Buff 1000-W is a great fit for buffing on soft products like the Duratec primers.  

Aqua Buff 2000

Aqua Buff 2000 is a great choice for removing sanding scratches from gelcoat, and for creating a great shine on gelcoat or Duratec.   A versatile product Aqua Buff 2000 is strong enough for most uses and provides a shiny finish.  

Marketed Worldwide by Hawkeye Industries Aqua-Buff
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